The Vineyard - Cork Watches Band

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  • ✓ aus vegan gegerbtem Leder
  • ✓ handgemacht in der Toskana

The Strap

We have never seen anything like it. Our watch strap with a surface made of Italian cork is pure innovation and sustainability. In addition, it fits perfectly with your watch and a Barolo or Lugana. Handmade in Tuscany.

Length: 12 cm & 7 cm

Bar width:

20 mm & 18 mm = 16 mm clasp.


Material & Application

Cork & Leather

The surface is made of 100% natural cork, the underside of light leather. The cork as well as the leather are naturally treated, the leather is vegan tanned and without chemical additives. Therefore, they remain soft and comfortable to wear and are compatible for allergy sufferers. Through sun exposure and normal use, each band gets its own character and patina over time - just like you! This also means that you should not treat the band with oils or wax. This will destroy the character. In addition, you should avoid contact with water, as this can cause unsightly stains and the cork becomes fragile.


The strap should always be applied carefully and without force. Vintage watches are usually easier to put on than newer models, simply because they are more worn. If you are unsure or have problems with the installation, please contact us.

Aging process

In the beginning, your new band may be a little tight between the horns. This is intentional on our part, as truly artisan vegan tanned and finished leather, even just on the underside of the band, tends to shrink a bit over time. Thus, we want to ensure that your band fits perfectly in the end. If it should still be too wide for you, simply order the band with 18mm bridge width.

Shipping & Return

All straps are shipped Europe-wide by FedEx & DHL. Since we always want you to be satisfied, you can return any unused and undamaged tape within 14 days and get your money back immediately.

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