At Artisans of Time, we specialize in vintage luxury watches. We know that mechanical watches, when well cared for, regularly serviced and professionally revised, can do their job precisely for many decades without any problems. And that a pre-owned Rolex, Patek or Panerai, in addition to the tradition of its Maison, also brings its very own history, the spirit of its time of origin.


Artisans of Time


For us, wristwatches are technical masterpieces, handcrafted with care, and in their complex mechanics a proud analog counterpoint to the digital era. Each watch from the great Swiss manufacturers contains the expertise of many generations of watchmaking. Some models have even paved the way for new, unknown terrains.


Artisans of Time


Buying watches online makes it easier for watch lovers to find their dream model - but it requires trust, especially for pre-owned models. Our most important principle is to justify this trust in every respect. Founder Linus Bacher personally vouches for this.



All our vintage luxury watches are expertly checked for authenticity, freshly serviced by a certified watch atelier and fully functional. We give a 1 year warranty on them.


Our selection is personally curated, each watch is individually evaluated and comprehensively described. If you have any questions, we are there for you and show you desired models personally in video chat.


We ship all watches throughout Germany at no cost to you. The shipment is insured, your watch will be delivered personally by the courier.