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We are Artisans of Time.


At Artisans of Time, we specialize in vintage luxury watches. We know that mechanical watches, with good care, regular maintenance and professional revision, can do their job precisely for many decades without any problems. That a Pre-Owned Rolex, Patek or Panerai, in addition to the tradition of its Maison, also brings its own history, the spirit of its time of origin. Both together make up the charm of a vintage luxury watch and give it an emotional value that goes far beyond money and mere prestige.

Artisans of Time founder Linus Bacher discovered his passion for mechanical watches at the age of 13. By 15, he had saved up the money for his first IWC. During his business studies, he spent every free minute visiting watchmakers and manufactories, and every cent went into his growing collection.

After a master's degree in management and a few years at Microsoft, an opportunity arose to work for Europe's largest luxury watch concessionaire - and Linus seized it. In the following years, as Category Manager of the Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned segment, he built up and expanded this market area in Germany, France and Austria. Over the course of his passion, which has now lasted almost 20 years, Linus has built up enormous expertise and a vast network of professionals and aficionados throughout Europe. To this day, he advises collectors on the value- and investment-oriented expansion of their collections and helps them to acquire particularly rare new acquisitions.



For many people, a watch is simply a watch, a timepiece for the wrist. We at Artisans of Time don't belong to these people, and apparently neither do you - otherwise you probably wouldn't have ended up here.

Complex, artful and fascinating.

For us, wristwatches are technical masterpieces, handcrafted with care, and in their complex mechanics a proud analog counterpoint to the digital era. The expertise of many generations of watchmaking art is contained in every watch from the great Swiss manufacturers. Some models have even pioneered new, uncharted territory - like the special watches developed for aviation, racing or diving, which combine an entire instrumentarium of precise measuring tools in the smallest of spaces. A great tradition that fascinates anyone who takes a closer look at it.

Cult object, pleasure purchase. Asset.

But mechanical wristwatches are much more than that: they are useful and decorative, eye-catchers and conversation starters, cult objects and objects of desire - and last but not least, one of the last playgrounds for big boys who want to afford something that not everyone has. Many models, especially from Rolex or Patek Philippe, but also from Panerai and Audemar Piguet, from Omega or Cartier, enjoy cult status and are considered trophies by any serious collector. After all, an exclusive luxury wristwatch always holds the chance of sustained appreciation: this makes it probably the most pleasurable of all financial investments, and a wisely curated collection a serious asset in the portfolio.



Buying watches online makes it easier for watch lovers to find their dream model - but it requires trust, especially for pre-owned models. Our most important principle is to justify this trust in every respect. Founder Linus Bacher personally vouches for this.

Multiple inspections, freshly serviced, fully functional. Guaranteed.

Linus has personally selected, examined and evaluated each of the watches offered at Artisans of Time. After his judgment, the watch goes to a certified watchmaker's workshop. Here the authenticity of the watch is checked again. A functional check for accuracy and water resistance follows, as well as a general maintenance, where wear parts such as seals are replaced if necessary. Of course, only original parts from the manufacturer are used for this, which is of great importance for function, value retention and resale. The same applies in the event that repairs or an overhaul need to be carried out. Only after this expert quality program is the watch awarded the AoT warranty certificate: it includes 24 months warranty on functionality and parts and confirms the authenticity of the watch.

Described and presented in detail. Gladly also live.

It is important to us that you get a full picture of the watch before you buy it. That is why we attach great importance to high-quality, meaningful photos and an individual, precise and honest description of the watch and its condition. If you have any questions, we are there for you personally - and you also have the possibility to have the watch of your choice presented to you via live video chat.

Last but not least a hint...

... in case you do not find what you are looking for. Are you on the hunt for a very special model? Are you thinking about selling one of your own exclusive watches in a serious and market-driven way? Or would you like to use Linus Bacher's expertise to expand your own collection or have it appraised? Then get in touch with us: We love such tasks and, when it comes to luxury watches, we take on almost any challenge with enthusiasm and expertise.

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