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A 1970s Day-Date Bark - Ref. 1807

A true pioneer we have here before us. The Rolex Day-Date was the first waterproof automatic watch that was chronometer certified and displayed the date and day of the week when it was introduced in 1956.

The watch is a direct knock out. White gold case with "Bark" finish and original matching President bracelet and blue pan-pie dial. This, or something like it, might be what Rolex heaven feels like. By the way, the name Bark comes from the fact that this finish looks like the bark (Engl. Bark) of a tree.

Because of the exclusive production of the watch in precious metal until today, there are only the "Lucky Few" who wear such a piece on their wrist.

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A 1980s Datejust Pyramid Dial - Ref. 16233

Get some exotic Pyramids on your wrist!

Extremely rare, beautiful Datejust, reference 16014, with black pyramid dial. This rare dial variation gives the watch an incredibly elegant vintage touch. Together with the gold Roman indices and the Bi-Color Jubileé strap, man or woman gets real bling for his wrist. To make it even better, this watch comes with German papers (LC100) from 1989.

Looking at this watch, it's a real shame that Rolex has stopped making such fancy dial variants in recent years.

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